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The Tridas Center no longer provides direct patient services. However, Dr. Tridas serves as a consultant in child development and behavior, and lectures nationally and internationally on topics related to the field.

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Our Patients

We serve children and adolescents who are experiencing attention difficulties, trouble learning and behavioral-emotional challenges. Our clinical staff also has over 30 years of experience in the evaluation and management of autism spectrum disorders, infants with developmental delays and monitor the developmental progress of premature infants.

Objective Evaluation

At the Tridas Center we provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluations of children and adolescents with developmental, learning and behavior challenges. When evaluating our patient, we thoroughly analyze his or her individual history and test data to identify their strengths and problem areas. Once the history and psychoeducational testing (if needed) are completed, we formulate a series of specific recommendations to address their needs by offering strategies that can help strengthen and accommodate their learning and behavior profiles.

Comprehensive Plan

Our intervention services, like the evaluation, are pieced together to build a cohesive intervention plan. Even simple developmental problems can be incredibly complex if not managed with the whole child and their family in mind. Some of the services that we provide include medication management, suggestions on how to address learning problems at home and school, referral to providers near your home and consultation with other professionals that provide services for your child.